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3 Antwerp hotels with an inspiring meeting offering

Visit Antwerp - 3 Antwerp hotels with an inspiring meeting offering

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3 Antwerp hotels with an inspiring meeting offering

Sepp Van Dun

Do you like comfortable and efficient meetings in a unique and stylish setting? Antwerp has several hotels that offer original meeting venues. Here are just three examples that will fire your imagination.

Hotel Julien

You’ll find one of the most beautiful hotels in the city in Antwerp’s historic centre. Hotel Julien occupies two beautifully restored sixteenth-century dwellings. Besides stunning rooms and a spa, the hotel also has a meeting room with a view of the beautiful courtyard garden. You can also use the lounge and the roof terrace as a venue for your event.

Hotel ’t Sandt

Hotel ’t Sandt is a luxurious and contemporary hotel with 29 rooms. Hotel guests can enjoy a lovely Italian courtyard garden and a summer terrace with a view of the cathedral. The hotel also has three meeting rooms and two lunch rooms.

Lindner Hotel & City Lounge

The Lindner Hotel & City Lounge is located near Central Station, one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. The twelfth-floor meeting room offers stunning views of Antwerp. There are twelve other meeting rooms in the hotel, for meetings with up to 150 participants.

This is only a selection of what Antwerp has to offer in terms of meeting venues.

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