CMR Diamonds
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CMR Diamonds

CMR Diamonds

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we will be online soon again!

Customer Satisfaction

Our most important mission is that our client is 100% satisfied - we thrive to deliver  the best service - always.

Project Development

We are constantly looking for new partnerships, projects to develop ...

The Team

Our core team leaders are

  • Charles Ziegler
  • Maurice Hirschhorn
  • Ben Auerbach
  • and Yigal Hirschhorn
the leaders and all other team members of CMR Diamonds thrive to bring the best service to our clients.

We are specialised in the following diamond types and sizes

0.30 - 10 carat and up

0.01 - 0.29 carat Parcels


0.50 - 10 carat and up
0.01 - 0.49 carat Parcels
Fancy Coloured Diamonds
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