Nicholas Diamonds
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Nicholas Diamonds

Nicholas Diamonds


Nicholas Diamonds is a reputable member of the Diamond Bourse.

  • We sell brillant rond, marquise, pear, heart, oval, Colombian emeralds, princesse, safir, ruby, pearls…
  • Our big exclusive stones are been cut in Antwerp.
  • We are located in Antwerp's diamond district.
  • We modify your existing jewels.
  • We offer a corporate rate for our clients at the hotel just across our shop.
  • We offer tax-free purchases for non-european citizens. (more information: )
We provide all our diamonds with a certificate of , or WE DON’T SELL MANIPULATED DIAMONDS, HPHT OR ENHANCED DIAMONDS, ONLY NATURAL ONES. ALWAYS ASK IF YOUR DIAMONDS ARE NOT MANIPULATED BY HPHT TREATMENT, LASER OR FILLED BY SILICON. THOSE DIAMONDS ARE NOT CONSIDERED AS DIAMONDS OF HIGH VALUE. WE DON’T RECOMMEND THIS TO OUR CLIENTS. Nicholas diamonds has already established a high reputation when it comes to selling high quality diamonds. Nicholas Diamonds is a 3rd generation company from father to son. Due to these many years of experience...


Nicholas Diamonds tells a story of passion and uniqueness.







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