Antwerp Or - Diamonds, Jewelry & Engagement
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Antwerp Or - Diamonds, Jewelry & Engagement

Antwerp Or - Diamonds, Jewelry & Engagement
Free insured shipping with every order. Buyers from outside of the E.U. shop tax-free!
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  • Loose Diamonds, Wholesale Prices

    Shop for GIA certified loose diamonds and watch them with 3D view!

  • Stunning Diamond Pendants

    Shop for breathtaking pendants with diamonds made of 18K gold set with VS-G quality diamonds

  • Mesmerizing Diamond Earrings

    Shop for stunning diamond earring designs, some combined with colorful gemstones

  • Custom Engagement Rings

    Create your own custom engagement ring online by selecting the parts you want

  • Alluring Diamond Bracelets

    Shop diamond bracelets of either heavy or light varieties made of 18k gold online

  • Learn how to Grade Diamonds

    Learn detailed information online about grading Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat

Buy Diamonds: Antwerp Showroom Or Online In 3D

We really do care about innovation. Diamonds are stunning objects, but shopping for them without actually seeing them can lack in luster. We are currently part of few select websites that allow their clientele to watch the stones they are considering to purchase in 3D. If you buy diamonds online from our store, it's possible to enjoy the future of diamond sales: stunning macro shots that are possible to turn around to your own liking for a perfect look inside. Click here to read more about what to expect when you .

Tax-Free Loose Diamonds & Jewelry Shopping Online: Free Insured Shipping

When clients purchase diamond jewelry online through Antwerp Or web shop from outside of the E.U., they pay no taxes! The rule of tax-free shopping applies to ANYWHERE worldwide except for the E.U. . The reason is when our clients purchase from outside the E.U. their order is exempt of taxes. Regardless of where you're purchasing from, shipping is free anywhere. On top of that, we will ship your item for free, anywhere you might be ! If our clients buy diamonds or jewelry inside our showroom physically, and they aren't living inside the European Union, it's also possible to shop tax free. You will then receive a global refund paper which you deliver to customs which will give you back the taxes paid. However, there is none of this hassle when purchasing in the web retail store! Simply buy the products at a reduced rate and check out without taxes !

Highest Quality, Unsurpassable Pricing

You are invited to come visit our showroom personally to purchase straight from our showroom in Antwerp, or browse our online shop's inventory to view some of our selection. The selection available physically when shopping in our Antwerp showroom is significantly larger than our online jewelry store, but we pride ourselves in putting our best and most fashionable items on our website. We operate with very low profit margins. If it's necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and any custom thing you're able imagine you wish to purchase, on the web or physically while visiting the Antwerp showroom, we are able to supply you with the highest quality fine women's jewelry at the best price. Don't waste money when purchasing the finest quality needlessly, get the most affordable pricing when you are shopping for diamond-set jewelry that is the highest grade: choose us.

Third Generation Family-Owned Antwerp-Based Diamond Jewelry Shop

We are jewelers that have been selling diamonds but also diamond-set jewels for three generations, and have in that time gathered a very large amount of experience, bringing our quality up to par with the most luxurious brands in everything, including materials and finish, for extremely competitive prices. A good pricing estimate for the same exact quality in comparison to some brands we won't mention is a -70% reduction. and many times even more when compared to our store! And when we find jewelry that weighs the same in precious metals and carat weight of precious gemstones as ours, it's almost always with less high quality stones or cheap alloys used in their metal mix. Whether it is about already designed jewelry, or anything custom, our main goal has always remained unchanged since our founding: offer our clients to buy diamonds alongside jewelry of the best quality at the lowest possible price . Are you looking for a store where you can shop fine jewelry and diamonds that are GIA certified for the most honest prices? Choose Antwerp Or!
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