La Casa del Habano Antwerp
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La Casa del Habano Antwerp

La Casa del Habano Antwerp

“According to Vanity Fair, Antwerp boasts a “sexy best kept secret”, where you can enjoy and celebrate Havana’s finest; the Habano. As Belgium’s first Casa del Habano and Antwerp’s most attractive walk-in humidor, our store boasts a superb collection of exquisite Cuban cigar brands, in various sizes, shapes and presentations.

A quick calculation reveals the presence of over 600 different, unique cigars.We also offer an extensive range of humidors and other accessories, such as lighters, cutters, ashtrays, books and magazines as well as a splendid array of carefully selected beverages from a variety of origins, including rums, gins, whiskies, port – everything you need to enjoy the Pleasure of Cigars.

Our experienced store managers are delighted to share their insight and expertise on the world’s finest cigars, the Havana. Take the opportunity to enjoy a real slice of Cuban life – right down to the island’s joyous music and excellent rums. So if you fancy blowing giant smoke rings up to the air-conditioned ceiling “a lo Cubano”, Casa del Habano Antwerp is the place

I discovered some very nice rums and cigars here. Very exclusive shop and very nice people to meet. Come and visit and discover a Cuban island in the city center. …

Koen Van Bulck – 18/01/2014

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